Satisfyer Pro 2



For those looking for an entirely new way of achieving stronger, more intense and completely unique multiple orgasms… the Satisfyer Pro 2 is here! With a unique technology that delivers pulsating air waves, directly to the clitoris through a soft, oval silicone head, this vibe is ushering in a new generation of female pleasure.

It’s so easy to use! ┬áSimply place the soft silicone oval head on the clitoris, situating the clitoris comfortably in the hollow part of the oval. After finding the ideal position, that’s it! Just hold it in place and allow the Satisfyer Pro 2 to stimulate you with 11 thrilling levels of erotic air pleasure.

It is rechargeable and even waterproof for fun in the bath or shower – something that its competitors can’t do. The oval head creates the innovative vacuum pleasure wave technology and touch-free massage effect which allows the Satisfyer Pro 2 to deliver an extra dose of pleasure. It’s not a vibrator, rather a technology which pulls air in and pushes it out again in a rapid pulsation and has been compared to the sensation of great oral sex.

This innovative sex toy is fully rechargeable and after a single charge it provides 2 hours of cable-free fun without the need of batteries!
A simple and intuitive magnetic USB charging cable is included in every box. All you need to do is click and charge.

**In a study done on 50 women, 49 of those women achieved orgasm in under 1 minute. 26 said they had a greater orgasm than with intercourse alone!